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Teaching All Nations

Is Allah God?

This is one of the most often asked questions I am asked when discussing Islam with my Christian friends. And it is a question that needs to be answered carefully and correctly.

No, I'm Not a Muslim Too!

Some "Christians" today, in a show of support for their Muslim friends, are shouting out "I'm a Muslim too!" Do you know what Islam teaches? Don't declare your Muslim faith just yet, "Christian" friend!

Answering Common Muslim Claims: The Quran's Ultimate Test of Inspiration

When discussing the inspiration of scriptures with Muslims, they appeal to "the Quran's ultimate test of inspiration" to prove that it is inspired. What is that test? This blog post will answer that question and see whether "the ultimate test" is even reasonable.

3 Verses from the Quran That Everyone Should Know

If you are a Christian, you might not think that you need to know any verses from the Quran. But if we want to convert Muslims to Christ, we need to know their scriptures and what they believe. These three are a good place to start.

Answering Common Muslim Claims: “The Facts of the Quran Attest to Its Authenticity”

We are told that the "facts" recorded in the Quran stand as evidence that it is from God. Is that the truth?