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We are a global evangelism work utilizing media ministries (TV, Radio, Publications, and Internet) and education ministries (Bible Correspondence Courses, Truth For The World Bible College, and mission trips).  We are overseen by the elders of the Bethel Springs Church of Christ in Bethel Springs, Tennessee.

What's new at Truth For The World...

Focus on Books

Our studies continue this year with a focus on books.  It starts with a look at Philemon and the theme of "Changed Relationships."  How does a change in our relationship with God affect our relationships with men?  

These videos are now being added to our TV series, both here on our website and on our YouTube channel.

Many may set goals for the new year of studying and Christian growth.  Here's your chance to let Truth For The World help you achieve those goals! Study the Book of Philemon and grow as a Christian!  

Use the schedule below to find the release dates of programs for our website, or subscribe to our YouTube channel!
* Philemon - Changed Relationships - May 8
* Philemon - Love in Christ - May 22
* Philemon - Profitability and Providence - June 5
* Philemon - Imitating Christ - June 19



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