Truth For The World Radio

Listen to our streaming Internet Radio station for programs such as Bible Chat, Truth For The World, Words To Live By, and more.  It's streaming 24/7.  Just click the play button on the player immediately below.  You can also look below the player for information on How to Listen, our monthly Radio Schedule, and Online Directories where you can hear our station.
You can also listen to Truth For The World radio programs on Mondays between 8 AM and 9 AM Central Standard time on The Gospel Radio Network.

How to Listen to TFTW Radio

Residents of the USA, Canada, and the UK: 

You can listen in any of the following ways:
1.  Click play on the player above.  
2.  Click on the TFTW Radio button on the home page of the TFTW app.  (Don't have the TFTW app?  Click here.)
3.  Go to the Truth For The World page on
4.  Download and install the Live365 app, the TuneIn app, or the Cloud Radio app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, or the Openradio app from the Google Play Store.  Then search for "Truth For The World."
5.  On a Roku device, install the TuneIn channel, then go to the channel and search for "Truth For The World."
6.  Follow and then bookmark this URL:
7.  Listen through one of the Online Directories listed below
8.  Listen through an Alexa-enabled device.  (See the videos directly below for more information.)

TFTW Radio on Live 365 on Alexa-Enabled Devices

TFTW Radio on TuneIn on Alexa-Enabled Devices

Residents of countries other than the USA, Canada, and the UK:  Listen through an online directory below or by following this URL -

July 2024 Schedule

Download the July 2024 TFTW Radio schedule here

Online Radio Directories

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