Why the Little "c" Matters
on April 6th, 2024
It's not uncommon to hear someone who was raised in a Christian home publicly denounce his/her faith, having bought into the philosophy of deconstructionism. Like Peter though, these individuals' speech betrays something about them: they speak of the "Church of Christ," when so many Christians would rather talk about the "church of Christ." What's the difference - why does that little "c" matter?   Read More
Don't Just Do Something - Sit There
on March 28th, 2024
We live in a world that praises people of action. Sometimes though, God calls us to inaction so that we can be deliberate in our action.  Read More
Don't Try to Take Jesus' Seat
on March 22nd, 2024
“So, are you saying that __________ am/is/are/would be lost?” As Christians, we're often asked this question. How do we answer? Let's consider what the Bible says about judgment.   Read More
Christians and Credit
on March 16th, 2024
Recent statistics state that the average American holds roughly $104,215 in debt. Where there is debt, there must have been credit. What does the Bible say about buying using credit and holding debt?  Read More
Is Mary Full of Grace?
on March 8th, 2024
A common Catholic prayer known sometimes as a "Hail Mary" claims that Mary is "full of grace" before seeking her intercession and help. Where did this prayer come from, and what does the Bible say about it?   Read More
Worshipping God in Truth
on March 1st, 2024
Those who worship God "must worship in spirit and truth" (John 4:24). What role does truth play in our worship? How can we worship in truth today?  Read More
When God Spoke to Mountains: What the Mountains of Israel Can Teach the Mountain of the Lord's House
on February 24th, 2024
Ezekiel is told on two separate occasions to prophesy to “the mountains of Israel” (Ezekiel 6:2; 36:1). Both times, he delivered a message from the Lord Himself. Why did God talk to mountains, and what can the church learn from what the prophet said?   Read More
What Is the "Greater Sin"?
on February 16th, 2024
While standing before Pilate, Jesus said, “The one who delivered Me to you has the greater sin” (John 19:11). What does "the greater sin" mean? Does this statement imply that there are big sins and little sins? Let's see what the Bible says.   Read More
The Year of the Dragon
on February 9th, 2024
As the Asian world turns its attention to dragons in this new lunar year, let's reflect upon how the word "dragon" is used in the New Testament.  Read More
What Is the Unknown Tongue of 1 Corinthians 14?
on January 26th, 2024
In 1 Corinthians 14 in the King James Version, one can read of an "unknown tongue." Why does it say this, and what exactly is the gift of tongues spoken about in this chapter?   Read More
Our Mission Begins in the Mirror: Soul-Winning in 2 Peter 3
on January 20th, 2024
Evangelism is the responsibility and privilege of every Christian. Though this is true, evangelism will fail if souls won fall away from the faith... including ours. As outward trials and inward troubles fell upon the church, what final charges did Peter give them, and what can we learn?   Read More
How Much Do You Care About Your Child’s Safety?
on January 13th, 2024
You've probably heard of hypervigilance and helicopter parenting, and maybe even met (or been) someone guilty of it. Parents really do want their children to be safe. The question is: do they want enough to work for it when it really matters?  Read More