Truth For The World

You spend money on Netflix, fast food, coffee... so why not put a little of your hard-earned cash towards something that will make an eternal difference? Truth For The World needs your help.

Teaching All Nations

Thank God For "Tent-Making" Preachers

Paul said that those who preach the gospel of good news are beautiful to the Lord. How beautiful are those preachers who have to work two or more jobs to make ends meet, so that they can preach the glorious Gospel of Christ in their communities.

A Word or Two About Preachers

We need preachers, and we need to show preachers how valuable they are to us and to this world. Let us teach our young men to value this incredible work, and guide them to develop the desire to preach!

The Importance of Seeking the Lost

When Christ left this Earth, He instructed His disciples to go into the world and evangelize. Evangelism is so important to each child of God!

A Somewhat Missed Opportunity

There are hundreds of TV channels in the United States where local people can put on their TV programs for little or no charge. These channels reach into the homes of millions of people. Does your neighborhood have one of these? Read more to find out if there is a channel in your area and what you can do to spread the Gospel if such a channel exists.