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Question about the Spirit indwelling the Christian in Acts 5

A question has been asked recently about the 'non-miraculous' indwelling in Acts 5:32. The questioner asked, "How can some people claim that this passage is not a reference to a non-miraculous indwelling, for Christians today?"

Calvinism: From God or Man? #2 God's Sovereignty And Man's Choice

Does God's sovereignty over-rule man's freedom of choice? Does the God of the Bible force men into every event that takes place? Let us see what God says about these fundamental questions about God.

Calvinism: From God or Man? Introduction

Is the God of the Bible, the same as the God of the Calvinist? Find out as we study this important topic together!

A Message To Pure-Hearted Preachers

I may be naive, but I like to think that all preachers of the gospel preach out of pure motives. I want it to be true, that every preacher preaches because he loves God, the gospel, and lost souls so much that he cannot help but preach.

Does God Still Owe Israel Some Land?

Does Israel have a God-Given Right to what is commonly called ‘The Holy Land’ today?