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What Happens If Someone Dies On the Way To Be Baptized?

Do you ever get questions that seem sincere, but are often meant to put you in a difficult spot? One of these questions comes up often when discussing the importance of baptism. This article addresses the question "What happens if someone dies on the way to be baptized?"

Calvinism: From God or Man? #5 Examining Total Hereditary Depravity

Do we come into this world as little reprobate infants, far from God because of inheriting our parent's sins? Calvinism says "yes." But, what does God say?

Calvinism: From God or Man? #4 Is Salvation Conditional?

The Calvinist believes that mankind has no ability to choose. And not only so, but that man is saved based upon no condition whatsoever. No amount of preaching will save, no amount of good works will save. There is not one thing that man does, that contributes even one bit, to his salvation. Is this true?

Calvinism: From God or Man? #3 God's "Unchangeable" Decrees

Many in the denominational world believe that whatever happens in life, it is by God's own unchangeable will and decree. So that no matter what happens in life, God causes it to happen! Is this true? Calvinists say so, but what does God say?

Gun Control or Self-Control: God's Answer

Our society tries diligently to fix spiritual problems with physical solutions. God says it cannot be done.