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Teaching All Nations

Don't Tell Me Baptism Saves!

In discussing salvation with people in the religious world, they tend to have one rallying cry against Truth: The idea that baptism is not for salvation. Are they right? Are they consistent? Read and find out in today's blog post!

Peru Mission Trip Report 2016

Benjamin Bruce is back from Peru! Read about what was accomplished on this recent mission trip.

Is All of Christian Life Worship?

Is service to God the same as Worship to Him? May we choose how to serve, call it worship and satisfy our Lord? Some say "yes," God says "no."

Erasing Arguments for Using Instrumental Music in Worship: The Old Testament Argument, Part 3

Does Miriam stand as an example authorizing musical instruments in the Lord's church today? Are the Psalms and Prophets included in "the Law" which was nailed to the cross? Are we authorized by the Law of Moses to use mechanical instruments to worship God today?

Answering Common Muslim Claims: "Muhammad is Prophesied About in the Bible" (#2)

Jesus tells his apostles that He will send a comforter to them; Muslims claim that this is a reference to Muhammad. Did Jesus prophecy about Muhammad as Islam claims?