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Teaching All Nations

Answering Common Muslim Claims: “The Facts of the Quran Attest to Its Authenticity”

We are told that the "facts" recorded in the Quran stand as evidence that it is from God. Is that the truth?

Erasing Arguments for Using Instrumental Music in Worship: Psalm & Psallo

Does the language of the New Testament allow for a physical man-made instrument to accompany the command to sing? Some say yes—and this study will help you better understand why that is not the case.

Christ: Sinner, or Sacrifice for Sin?

Some people place literal sin and guilt on Jesus upon the cross, making him a sinner. But is this what the Bible teaches?

Water Salvation and Denominational Faith

Have you ever had a discussion with someone who accuses you of believing in "water salvation?" Have you ever had people irrationally explain that you believe that there is "magic in the water?" This blog post should help answer those silly ideas, by using God's Word and simple reasoning.

Don't Tell Me Baptism Saves!

In discussing salvation with people in the religious world, they tend to have one rallying cry against Truth: The idea that baptism is not for salvation. Are they right? Are they consistent? Read and find out in today's blog post!