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Teaching All Nations

Calvinism: From God or Man? #8 Examining "Irresistible Grace"

Does the Holy Spirit magically come upon certain people and force them to be saved? Only if you are a Calvinist; but not if you believe what the Bible teaches!

Praying for Wisdom and Other Things

When we consider praying for wisdom or other things, we can trust that God is willing to provide for us. However, when we come to God we must understand some things about wisdom, and we need to understand some things about who God is.

From Tachileik with Love

March 2018 Mission report of the church of Christ in Tachileik Myanmar

Hawking, From Unbeliever to "Believer"

While people of all walks of life disregard the idea of God. It doesn't change the fact that God still exists and is active in our lives today.

How Important is Attendance to The Bible Study Program?

Do we take seriously God's expectations for us to "Give diligence" to be able to rightly divide the Word of Truth? Take time to read this article and see some practical truths, applied to spiritual situations.