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A Sad Story About Someone Who Missed the Point
by Patrick Swayne on October 22nd, 2022
The brief Biblical account of Lamech describes a man who was pridefully murdered another man, following in the footsteps of his ancestor Cain. His recorded words demonstrate that while he was aware of the story of Cain, he missed its point. What can we learn from Lamech and the way he engaged the past?  Read More
How to Make Sure God Will Receive Our Worship
by Patrick Swayne on October 8th, 2022
The first example of worship in the Bible reveals that not everything done in worship is accepted by God. Why was Cain's worship rejected, and how can we make sure ours isn't?   Read More
What Christ and Creation Reveal About Spiritual Leadership
by Patrick Swayne on August 11th, 2022
When Paul wanted to uphold the concept of male leadership in families and religious settings, he argued using Christ and creation rather than culture. What can we learn about God's design for spiritual leadership by reflecting on the role of Jesus as well as on creation and the events that followed?   Read More
When Blood Speaks
by Patrick Swayne on January 20th, 2022
You might have heard before that "dead men tell no tales." Well, apparently no one told the author of the book of Hebrews. No, Hebrews doesn't teach that the dead communicate directly with us. But it does say that there is a sense in which Abel and even his blood continue to speak to us. What does Abel's blood say, and what better thing does Jesus' blood say (Hebrews 12:24)?  Read More