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What We're Doing

The work of Truth For The World began in 1992 when some evangelistically-minded individuals came together with a vision to take people from hearing the Gospel to obeying it, then living a life of dedication to Christ in order to get to Heaven. Through the years our methods may have changed, but our purpose is the same: to teach the Gospel to all the nations. And how are we doing that, you ask?


TFTW TV and AppsWe live in a connected world. In no other point in history has mankind had such easy access to information and interaction with people in other parts of the world. Of course these media have long been used by the devil to promote sinful things, and we believe it's high time we harness these tools to broadcast the Gospel message.

Truth For The World produces TV and radio programs which go out on the air in various places, and are also easily available online. We have a large collection of tracts on relevant topics, which we make freely available. And of course our most global way of reaching the world is through the Internet, reaching 94,000 people in 208 countries and territories in 2014. These people are searching for truth, and when Google leads them to Truth For The World, they find it!

Another area in which we reach people is through our apps. We have a Roku channel with over 4,000 users, as well as mobile apps putting the truth at the fingertips of anyone using an Android phone or iPhone.

Personal Ministries

TFTW BCCBesides making the Gospel available through media, there are two ways that we reach people personally: through our Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC), and mission trips.

The Bible Correspondence Courses have been one of the most effective parts of Truth For The World's efforts. Countless people have learned the Gospel and been added to the Lord's church as a result of our dedicated BCC teachers and the BCC program. We have also seen a shift here towards technology: the number of students taking the courses online is overtaking the number of postal students, and many people in developing countries are taking the courses on their mobile phones.

Also, if someone uses the search terms "free bible correspondence courses" on Google, Truth For The World is on the first page of results. As you can imagine, we have seen large numbers of students signing up as a result of this ranking!

Our staff members also periodically go on mission trips to places such as Asia and Latin America. These trips involve preaching and teaching, encouraging Christians in other countries, and taking them Bibles and other materials for their study and evangelism. This is yet another way that Truth For The World is teaching all nations.

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