Truth For The World

75 for 7

What We Want to Do

If you join us in our $75 for 7 Billion Souls campaign, all we expect you to give is $75 a year. If we're able to get 999 other people to give that amount as well, we'll have all we need to meet the goals outlined below. Truth For The World is a great and effective work, and we want to see it continue and do even more.

$35,000 to keep going

Due to coworkers having to drop or decrease their donations for various reasons, we're running an annual deficit. If we don't cover this deficit, we will have to cut back on what we're doing, perhaps even letting staff go and stopping projects that have been an integral part of our work. Naturally, we don't want to have to do this! This first $35,000 raised will go towards ensuring we can continue doing what we're doing now.

$30,000 for manpower and expenses for new projects

Example of a learning moduleWe're full of ideas for projects. The Bible Correspondence Courses have been very effective, but many students want more once they finish our six courses. One future project of ours is to launch some more in-depth online Bible courses that will also include multimedia and be more interactive. The next $30,000 will go towards projects like this and extra manpower to help with our overall workload.

$10,000 to launch global shortwave radio broadcasting

Shortwave radioIn the past, shortwave radio broadcasting has been one of the major outlets for getting our radio programs heard across the world. For the area covered, this is a very cost-effective way to broadcast, and we could even reach people in countries that are hostile to Christianity. The final $10,000 raised during our campaign will go towards putting Truth For The World back on shortwave radio and reaching into 6 continents around the globe.

Help us get there

$75 a year is not a huge commitment, and if you are a member of the Church of Christ, we would love to have you join with us to reach these goals.