Truth For The World

You spend money on Netflix, fast food, coffee... so why not put a little of your hard-earned cash towards something that will make an eternal difference? Truth For The World needs your help.

Radio/TV Agreement Form

Our regularly produced TV and radio programs are free to be broadcast on local stations. All we ask is that you fill out this form so that we can keep track of who is using our materials. Also, once you're on the air, we will add you to our On-the-Air directory so that more people can find out about the broadcast from the TFTW website.

Note: We cannot help you produce your own programs. Also, please do not submit this form before reading this page carefully. Once you understand the process and what will be involved, then return to this form to request TFTW materials to broadcast.


Where do you currently stand in the process?

I have not contacted a station yet. I'm just interested in exploring the possibility of broadcasting Truth For The World.
I have contacted a station, but have not made an agreement with them yet.
I have made an agreement with a station, and they are ready to start broadcasting Truth For The World

If you have contacted a station and made arrangements, when and where will Truth For The World be aired? (Just leave these blank if you do not know yet.)

If you're going to use our TV programs and need DVDs mailed to you, or if you want audio CDs mailed to you, please provide the appropriate mailing address:

By clicking the submit button below, you agree to the following:

  • You will not alter the programming in any way
  • If you haven't already, let us know when and where the programs will be aired
  • Notify us if that information changes, or if you stop airing the program