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MP3s for Radio Stations

Please note that these MP3s are for use by radio stations, and are of higher quality and file size than those found on our Browse Radio Programs page. If you would like good quality recordings, but smaller file sizes for downloading, please go to that page.

All radio programs carry Pan American Program Codes of TFTW.

15-Minute Radio Programs

Program CodeProgram TitleWeek NumberDownload
2017-37 1 John-Part 5 37 TFTW-15Min-2017-37
2017-38 1 John-Part 6 38 TFTW-15Min-2017-38
2017-39 1 John-Part 7 39 TFTW-15Min-2017-39
2017-40 1 John-Part 8 40 TFTW-15Min-2017-40
2017-41 1 John-Part 9 41 TFTW-15Min-2017-41
2017-42 1 John-Part 10 42 TFTW-15Min-2017-42
2017-43 1 John-Part 11 43 TFTW-15Min-2017-43
2017-44 1 John-Part 12 44 TFTW-15Min-2017-44
2017-45 1 John-Part 13 45 TFTW-15Min-2017-45
2017-46 1 John-Part 14 46 TFTW-15Min-2017-46
2017-47 1 John-Part 15 47 TFTW-15Min-2017-47
2017-48 1 John-Part 16 48 TFTW-15Min-2017-48
2017-49 1 John-Part 17 49 TFTW-15Min-2017-49
2017-50 1 John-Part 18 50 TFTW-15Min-2017-50
2017-51 1 John-Part 19 51 TFTW-15Min-2017-51
2017-52 1 John-Part 20 52 TFTW-15Min-2017-52
2017-53 1 John-Part 21 53 TFTW-15Min-2017-53

30-Minute Radio Programs

Program CodeProgram TitleWeek NumberDownload
2017-41 Portraits of Christ-Chapter 10 41 TFTW-30Min-2017-41
2017-42 Portraits of Christ-Chapter 11 42 TFTW-30Min-2017-42
2017-43 Portraits of Christ-Chapter 12 43 TFTW-30Min-2017-43
2017-44 Portraits of Christ-Chapter 13 44 TFTW-30Min-2017-44
2017-45 Portraits of Christ-Chapter 14 45 TFTW-30Min-2017-45
2017-46 Portraits of Christ-Chapter 15 46 TFTW-30Min-2017-46
2017-47 Portraits of Christ-Chapter 16 47 TFTW-30Min-2017-47
2017-48 Portraits of Christ-Chapter 17 48 TFTW-30Min-2017-48
2017-49 Portraits of Christ-Chapter 18 49 TFTW-30Min-2017-49
2017-50 Portraits of Christ-Chapter 19 50 TFTW-30Min-2017-50
2017-51 Portraits of Christ-Chapter 20 51 TFTW-30Min-2017-51
2017-52 Portraits of Christ-Chapter 21 52 TFTW-30Min-2017-52
2017-53 Plan of Salvation 53 TFTW-30Min-2017-53
2018-01 Calvinism-Part 1 01 TFTW-30Min-2018-01
2018-02 Calvinism-Part 2 02 TFTW-30Min-2018-02
2018-03 Calvinism-Part 3 03 TFTW-30Min-2018-03
2018-04 Calvinism-Part 4 04 TFTW-30Min-2018-04
2018-05 Calvinism-Part 5 05 TFTW-30Min-2018-05
2018-06 Calvinism-Part 6 06 TFTW-30Min-2018-06
2018-07 Calvinism-Part 7 07 TFTW-30Min-2018-07
2018-08 Calvinism-Part 8 08 TFTW-30Min-2018-08

1-Minute Radio Programs

Program TitleDownload
Absolutely TFTW-1Min-Absolutely
Afterlife Insurance TFTW-1Min-Afterlife Insurance
And TFTW-1Min-And
Approaching God as Superior TFTW-1Min-Approaching God as Superior
Atheism: Freedom from What? TFTW-1Min-Atheism-Freedom From What.mp3
Atheists Making Moral Judgments TFTW-1Min-Atheists Making Moral Judgments
Atheists Say Slavery Is Bad TFTW-1Min-Atheists Say Slavery Is Bad
Be a Priest TFTW-1Min-Be A Priest
Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit TFTW-1Min-Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit
Built on Sand TFTW_1Min_Built_on_Sand
Buy the Truth and Sell It Not TFTW_1Min_Buy_The_Truth_And_Sell_It_Not
Can We Do It? TFTW_1Min_Can_We_Do_It
Changing the Day of Worship TFTW-1Min-Changing the Day of Worship
Changing the Day of Worship TFTW-1Min-Death Is Like Waking Up
Commandments TFTW_1Min_Commandments
Death Is Like Waking Up TFTW-1Min-Death Is Like Waking Up
Directions to Heaven TFTW-1Min-Directions To Heaven
Do You Need a Bible Tutor? TFTW-1Min-Do You Need A Bible Tutor
Does It Matter How We Live? TFTW-1Min-Does It Matter How We Live
God Exists Because We Know Good and Evil TFTW-1Min-God Exists Because We Know Good and Evil
Go to the Source TFTW_1Min_Go_To_The_Source
Heavenly Passport TFTW-1Min-Heavenly Passport
I Got Nothing Out of Worship TFTW-1Min-I Got Nothing Out of Worship
Illusion of Tolerance TFTW-1Min-Illusion of Tolerance
Informational Age TFTW-1Min-Informational Age
Is the Universe Here on Purpose, or by Accident? TFTW-1Min-Is The Universe Here On Purpose Or By Accident
Jesus Loves Me—Plan of Salvation TFTW-1Min-Jesus Loves Me-Plan of Salvation
Judge Not TFTW-1Min-Judge Not
Love Your Enemies TFTW-1Min-Love Your Enemies
Not Hearers Only TFTW_1Min_Not_Hearers_Only
Our Final Exam TFTW-1Min-Our Final Exam
Peace TFTW_1Min_Peace
Pleasures Are Temporary TFTW_1Min_Pleasures_Are_Temporary
Repentance: A Two-Part Thing TFTW-1Min-Repentance-A Two-Part Thing
Rest TFTW_1Min_Rest
Righteousness Shall Exalt the Nation TFTW-1Min-Righteousness Shall Exalteth The Nation.mp3
Sinned Too Much to Be Forgiven TFTW-1Min-Sin So Much To Be Unforgiven
Social Problems TFTW_1Min_Social_Problems
Something to Think About TFTW-1Min-Something To Think About
Stop Being God TFTW_1Min_Stop_Being_God
Suicide TFTW_1Min_Suicide
Teach the Children TFTW-1Min-Teach the Children
The Greatest Commandments TFTW-1Min-The Greatest Commandments
The Lord Has No Secret Service TFTW-1Min-The Lord Has No Secret Service
The Name "Church of Christ" TFTW-1Min-The Name Church of Christ
The Universe Did Not Come from Nothing TFTW-1Min-The Universe Did Not Come From Nothing
The Universe Shows More Design Than a Watch TFTW-1Min-The Universe Shows More Design Than a Watch
Thinking About the Hereafter TFTW-1Min-Thinking About The Hereafter
Three Possibilities for the Universe TFTW-1Min-Three Possibilities For The Universe
What Do You Do With Your Mistakes? TFTW-1Min-What Do You Do With Your Mistakes
What Is That to Thee? Follow Me. TFTW-1Min-What Is That To Thee-Follow Me
What Is the Meaning of Life? TFTW-1Min-What Is The Meaning of Life
What's New? Good News TFTW-1Min-Whats New-Good News
Worship Should Please God TFTW-1Min-Worship Should Please God
Would You Like to Change the World? TFTW-1Min-Would You Like To Change the World
Yielding Is Sin TFTW_1Min_Yielding_Is_Sin
Your Invitation TFTW-1Min-Your Invitation
Your Most Valuable Possession: Your Soul TFTW-1Min-Your Most Valuable Possession-Your Soul