Truth For The World

You spend money on Netflix, fast food, coffee... so why not put a little of your hard-earned cash towards something that will make an eternal difference? Truth For The World needs your help.

Online Radio

Truth For The World Radio

Truth For The World Radio broadcasts 24/7 on our own online radio station, and you can listen right here! Want to know when to tune in for topics you’re interested in? Take a look at our weekly schedule.

Duluth Church of Christ

On Sundays and Wednesdays, you can come here to listen live to the worship and lessons conducted at the church of Christ in Duluth, Georgia, U.S.A.

Worship and Bible Study times (US Eastern time):

  • Sunday
    • 9:00 AM Bible Study
    • 10:00 AM Worship
    • 6:00 PM Worship (1:00 PM on fifth Sundays)
  • Wednesday
    • 7:30 PM Bible Study