Truth For The World

You spend money on Netflix, fast food, coffee... so why not put a little of your hard-earned cash towards something that will make an eternal difference? Truth For The World needs your help.

Be an Intern at Truth For The World

Take your learning and experience to a global scale while working for God!

Truth For The World is a global evangelism effort using media and personal ministries. We make the truth of the Bible available around the world every week through media such as the Internet, radio and television, and people all over the world study using our Bible Correspondence Courses.

Now you have the opportunity to join in this effort and help fulfill the Great Commission to teach all nations (Matthew 28:19). Plus, you can learn more about your chosen field and possibly even get college credit at the same time.

Who We’re Looking For

Truth For The World is seeking mature college interns who want to:

  • Learn more about things related to their field of study
  • Get their hands dirty in real-world projects that can affect people on a global scale
  • Potentially gain college credit
  • Make new friends
  • Work in a fun environment

Areas of Work

Currently, we are looking for interns in the following areas:

  • Broadcast Production
    • Writing radio and TV
    • Recording radio and TV
    • Editing and mixing radio and TV
  • Internet and Mobile Production
    • Website design and maintenance
    • Mobile app development and publishing
  • Ministry
    • Content production
    • Learning about various technology and media in ministry

What We Offer

Our internships are meant to be a win-win situation. Therefore, we offer these types of things to our interns:


Be instructed in things like steps of course design, video editing software, camera operation, etc.


Edit audio for a radio show broadcast to multiple continents, shoot video footage for a TV show seen internationally, design a web page used in our website, create a Bible course taken by people from around the world, etc.

College Credit

We are willing to work with colleges to meet their requirements in order for you to receive college credit for your learning and experience.

Apply Now!

To apply, send the following things to Truth For The World:

  1. Letter of interest explaining the area(s) in which you would like to work, what you would hope to learn from the experience, what experience and skills you have in that area(s), and when you would be available to work as an intern
  2. Résumé
  3. Letter of recommendation from a college instructor or work supervisor

Mail these materials to:

Truth For The World
PO Box 241
Bethel Springs, TN 38315

We do hope to provide interns with some sort of payment or assistance, possibly in the form of an hourly wage or perhaps in the form of a stipend to help pay for housing and/or food. Final decisions regarding payment or assistance depends upon various circumstances. Potential interns will be notified of a final decision regarding payment or assistance before they are asked to commit to the internship.

If you have questions, you can contact us via: