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Disks of “Is Mormonism From God?”

We recorded the live event Is Mormonism From God? and DVDs and Blu-ray Discs are now available!

Prices include shipping.

DVD set $14.99
Blu-ray Disc set $19.99

About the Seminar

Nathan Franson grew up in a Mormon family, and was a Mormon for 20 years, even being baptized for the dead before he learned the truth about Jesus Christ. He gave an excellent seminar comparing the Mormon faith to the Bible, with these topics:

  1. What Do You Know About the Mormons?
  2. Can We Trust the Bible?
  3. Was Joseph Smith Inspired by God?
  4. How Reliable Is Mormon Doctrine? (part 1)
  5. How Reliable Is Mormon Doctrine? (part 2)
  6. Mormonism and the Bible