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Order DVDs of “Ask the Expert: What About Mormonism?”

Our popular series Ask the Expert: What About Mormonism? is now available on DVD! Just click the button below and follow the steps to pay through PayPal. Each set is made up of 8 episodes on two disks, with a total of 4 hours of video. The DVDs are playable anywhere in the world, and we will ship anywhere as well.

Cost: $25.00 per DVD set, price includes shipping.

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About the TV Series

Is the Mormon Church really the restored church that God built and desires? What is the history of the Mormon Church’s beginnings? How do the books of Mormon compare with what God says in the Bible? What kind of things can I say to a Mormon if I have the opportunity?

Nathan Franson, previously a Mormon for 20 years, takes us behind-the-scenes of the Mormon Church and talks about its history, its practices, and its doctrines and compares them to what God says in the Bible. He also devotes an entire episode to giving us challenging questions to ask a Mormon.


  • Episode 1 - Beginnings of Mormonism, Books of Mormon and the Mormon Plan of Salvation
  • Episode 2 - Mormon Plan of Salvation
  • Episode 3 - Authorship of the Book of Mormon
  • Episode 4 - A Comparison of the Book of Mormon and the King James Bible
  • Episode 5 - Contradictions Between the Book of Mormon and the Bible, “Witnesses” for Joseph Smith, and Archaeological “Evidence”
  • Episode 6 - Archaeological “Evidence” and Failed Mormon Prophecies
  • Episode 7 - Baptism for the Dead, Polygamy, and Mormon Priesthoods
  • Episode 8 - Challenging Questions to Ask a Mormon
Ask the Expert: What About Mormonism?