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You spend money on Netflix, fast food, coffee... so why not put a little of your hard-earned cash towards something that will make an eternal difference? Truth For The World needs your help.

Order DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

For those who would like to have hard copies of Truth For The World video productions, we are offering discs of certain TV series, in DVD and Blu-ray format.


Four fun and interesting programs exploring the nature of God. Learn more.

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Blu-ray Disc $15.00

Is Mormonism From God?

A six-lesson seminar by Nathan Franson, recorded live at Duluth Church of Christ. Available only in disc form! Learn more.

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DVD set $14.99
Blu-ray Disc set $19.99

Ask the Expert: What About Mormonism?

A DVD set of the 8-episode TV series produced by Truth For The World with Nathan Franson. Learn more.

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DVD set $25.00