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Acts 2: The Hub of the Bible
Authority for Church Organization
The Autonomy of the Local Church
A Better Church Begins With Whom?
Christians and the Government
The Church at Corinth
The Church Built by Jesus
The Church Is Born
The Church of Christ
The Coming of the Kingdom
The Glorious Church of Christ
God Has Joined Jesus to the Church
God’s Place for Women in His Church
How Are Local Churches Independent?
How Are Local Churches Organized?
How Is the Church on Earth Organized?
How Is the Whole Church Organized?
How to Find the Church Jesus Built
How You Can Begin the Church in Your Village
Is the Roman Catholic Church the One True Church?
The One True Church
Only One Is the True Church of Christ
The Organization of the Church of Christ
Questions About Church Government
Seventh-day Adventists and the Sabbath
There Is One Body
The Vine and the Branches
What Is the Church?
What Shall We Call Leaders in the Church?
What’s in a Name?
Who Are We?
Why Are There So Many Churches?
Why God Wants Autonomous Congregations
Why Jesus Came to Earth
Why Study Church Organization?
The Worship of the Church of Christ