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Teaching All Nations

May We Legislate Morality?

By this I mean, are we allowed to legislate morality? We are not talking about ability so much as we are discussing permission.

A Logical Answer to the Statement: "We Must Never Judge"

Many people tell us that "we must never judge anyone." Is that true? Does God really forbid any type of judgment? This is the first in a short series on judging as the Bible teaches.

Straight Outta Context: 2 Peter 3:8

Do Peter's words in 2 Peter 3:8 discuss the original time period of the days of creation, as some would claim? Read this blog post to find out the context of this passage.

Straight Outta Context: Matthew 24

We are beginning a series on passages of scripture that are often ripped from their actual context to teach things that they do not teach. Today we will study from Matthew 24 and the "End of Days."

What Kind of Men Wrote the Bible?

Did good men write the Bible? Did evil men write the Bible? What kind of men penned the Bible?