by Kendal Rasnake
JANUARY 30, 2015

Things To Get Pumped About

Here's some highlights of TFTW from 2014:


  • Redesigned and re-launched, which now includes material in Vietnamese and Burmese
  • Our four main Internet websites brought in over 179,000 visitors.
  • Our English website had visitors from 211 countries/territories and more than double the number of unique visitors compared to last year.
  • We launched a topic page on Premillennialism (

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  • Our radio programs are now part of The Gospel Radio Network (
  • Our Internet radio station pulled in a daily listening average of 88 hours and we reached out to 132 countries/territories.


  • Installers of our Roku channel increased to over 4,000.
  • Our YouTube channel was watched an average of 4.3 hours per day.

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  • Our total number of Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) students leapt from 1,624 in 2013 to 3,069 in 2014.  The students came from 86 different countries/territories.
  • We received word of more BCC students obeying the Gospel by being baptized!

Social Media:

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Missionary Trips:

Our staff took missionary trips to:

  • Peru
  • West Virginia
  • Mexico
  • Myanmar
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia


So are we satisfied with the status quo?  Nope. 

Here's our focus for 2015.


  • We plan to launch a 24/7 streaming TV channel through the Internet very shortly.  It will be available on our website, through our Roku channel, possibly YouTube, and anywhere else in the entire world we can find for distribution.
  • We want to edit and finalize new episodes of our Explorations TV show, geared toward young people but educational for adults as well.


  • We want to launch a brand new set of Bible Correspondence Courses (BCCs) created from the ground up, using proper instructional course design, professional graphics and layout, and a new format that will allow for cheaper shipping for both student and teacher.
  • We plan to begin work on an Internet-based Bible college that will be not only online, but interactive and incorporate modern instructional technologies.

Missionary Trips:

  • Tentative missionary trips for 2015 include Palau, West Virginia, and Mexico.

Are you a member of the church of Christ and excited about all this global evangelism?  Is your head about to explode?  Then join our efforts and be part of it!

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