by Kendal Rasnake
SEPTEMBER 21, 2012

Truth For The World Starts Blog

Truth For The World LogoTruth For The World now has a blog, as you can clearly see, because this is it!

A blog is a shortened form of two words, web and log.  A blog therefore is a log of things on the web.  It is used by man people to log their thoughts on certain dates, review new products, give thoughts on the Bible, etc.  They can be used for pretty much anything and can usually be referenced chronologically, allowing you to go back in time and see previous articles or posts, like a logbook.

Truth For The World's blog will be focused mainly on two goals. 

  1. The blog will be used for communicating news to our coworkers and anyone in general about the exciting milestones we reach, work we are doing and encouraging news we receive in relation to our job of making the truth of the Bible available around the world.
  2. Biblical information to teach, encourage and edify people around the world.

Maybe we'll see another need later on and this blog can fill that need, too.  

In the meantime, check back here regularly or just subscribe to our blog using a blog reader.  You can use a blog reader to gather information from news sites and blogs for you so you don't have to visit individual sites over and over.

Enjoy our new blog!

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