by Phillip Vanwinkle
JUNE 8, 2018

Tracts: Dynamite Comes in Small Packages

They say that Dynamite comes in small packages. Whether or not this is true, I wouldn't know. The sentiment is true, however, with Gospel Tracts.

This blog post will be a little bit different than some. This week I was looking through some of the tracts on our website at  and the more I looked and the more I browsed through them, the more I was reminded of the good resource these short tracts offer.

I have come up with a few advantages to using our tracts to the benefit of reaching out to the lost and strengthening the saved.


First, their small size makes it very easy to sit down and read practically at any time. While many people would never read a whole book on some certain spiritual subject, tracts are different because they offer a small synopsis of what it is they are teaching.

That is the point. The tracts that we have available are not designed to answer every single detail about every single subject. Rather, our tracts are designed to reach out to people who may simply be wanting a quick answer to some question they have.

For example, if a person is wanting to know what the Bible says about worshipping on the Sabbath day. Rather than reading countless books and giving in-depth research, they could simply open our tract, and find out the fundamental truth about the subject.

The small size of tracts makes them appealing to people who may not have great patience for sitting with longer materials.


 Similarly, along with the size of the tract, most of our tracts can be read in 10 minutes. Now, if a person were to look up each passage of scripture that is referenced it would take him much longer. However, I have talked with several people who have stated that they love our tracts, because it allows them to do their own “quick” Bible study while on their lunch break. Of course, we want people to be very diligent students of the word, but sometimes a person just wants a quick Bible study while on his work break. These tracts are very helpful in those situations.

Tracts do a fine job of giving pertinent information in a short amount of time. Imagine if you wanted to do a 15 minute Bible study while on your lunch break. We have nearly 100 tracts that you could use. Of course, not every tract will appeal to every person, and some tracts overlap information. The point is simply this: Using tracts for daily study, when you are in a time-pinch is very appealing to a lot of people.


Very Distributable

Another great advantage to utilizing tracts is recognizing that these tracts are distributable. Our tracts are graphically appealing to the eye, in order to first catch someone’s attention. We all realize that what is on the inside of the tract is much more important than the cover page. However, if we have the ability to create visually pleasing covers to the tracts, then we should.

Also, these tracts are all made to fit comfortably inside tract racks at local church buildings. They are easy to carry around, and they fit nicely inside of most Bibles.

Being able to distribute God’s Truth is very important for Christians. Tracts make the distribution a little easier. Whether you download and print the tracts off, or simply download the tract, and send it to a friend over the internet, tracts are a simple way to pique someone’s interest.

Good for Devotionals

Another way to utilize our tracts is to use them for short devotionals. I have come across several preachers who have told me that, when they need devotional material, they will browse through our site, find an appropriate tract, and preach directly from it.

We encourage anyone to read these tracts, to study them, and if appropriate to utilize them if you ever need a short devotional.


One of the greatest draws to our tracts is that they are 100% FREE! You may download them, share them with friends, take them to work, read them on an airplane, use them for Bible lessons…etc. There are countless ways that you can use this wonderful tool. And this tool is FREE. We hope that you will take the time to download these tracts. We have them available both in “American size” paper (Legal/letter) and also in A4 sizes if you live on the other side of the world.

We invite you to make use of our tracts and pray that these little packages of dynamite with the Truth inside will reach into the hearts of you, your family and your friends. We hope it will whet their appetites to study even further about the incredible God that we serve, and bring them to Salvation.

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