by Kevin Graves
SEPTEMBER 12, 2014

Teaching All Nations

We are teaching all nations! My recent mission trip to Southeast Asia has convinced me, even more than before, that together we are having a profound effect on the church around the world.  In Myanmar the Lord’s church is growing in spite of local difficulties. Daniel, who became a Christian after finding Truth For The World online, is an inspiration to me. He is working tenaciously to insure the growth of the church of Christ in Myanmar.  He continues to overcome obstacles that are placed in his way knowing that the final reward will be worth all of this life’s struggles.

I have recently been in contact with another man from a different region of Myanmar. Just like Daniel, Richard found our website while seeking spiritual growth and has decided that this is the truth and worth following.  Richard contacted Truth For The World desiring assistance with his growth in God’s Word.  The power of God’s Word is amazing. Simply by putting it out there it is being found and it is changing the hearts of those who are willing to receive it.

Another aspect of my recent mission trip was to visit with Phillip, our graphic designer, in Malaysia. Phillip has been working diligently teaching the truth not only in Malaysia but also in many of the neighboring countries.  He is a tireless servant who has made a huge impact in that area. As he now prepares to return back to the states, after a three year mission, he leaves behind a growing and thriving congregation and many, many faithful students and teachers of God’s Word.  While his presence will surely be missed there, I am convinced that the lasting effects of his efforts will continue to be felt in that area.

Daily, people are contacting us asking to study God’s Word. Daily we receive encouraging letters from teachers and from students, thanking us for making the truth available and easily understandable.  As we here at Truth For The World now turn our focus toward raising the necessary support to continue this work with our 75 for 7 campaign, we have full confidence that God will continue to bless this effort as together we are teaching all nations. 

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