by Kevin Graves
MARCH 19, 2014

Myanmar Mission 2014


While it is absolutely true that God no longer speaks to us with His voice, It is equally true that He speaks loud and clear through His written word.  When I first read the e-mail from Daniel Kap Lian Thang in Tachileik Myanmar, saying, “Please come and teach us the Bible”, the words of God from Isaiah 6:8 came to me “whom shall I send, and who will go for us?”  And I believe that there is only one correct response to that question: “Here am I; send me”.

I am grateful and humbled to be able to take on this mission and to be accompanied by my son along with our wives.  I could not think of a better team to travel with and to work with on my first mission trip into Southeast Asia.  My wife, Pam, and Daughter-in-law, Hannah, are the ideal pair to teach and to work with the ladies and with the children. And my son, Brandyn, is an excellent preacher and I know he will do a great job in our studies and with our sermons.

This mission trip will be broken up into three parts.  Lord willing, we will land first in Kuala Lumpur.  Phillip Vanwinkle, our graphic designer and resident missionary in Malaysia, has asked for the wives to come and work with the ladies of the congregation there and for us to work with the congregation for a week. Then we will travel on to Tachileik, where we are hoping that Phillip will be able to join us for a week with Daniel and his congregation.  And finally, Brandyn and I will continue on to work with Yong Yaw and the church in Singapore while our wives will be returning home a week ahead of us.

My wife and I are extremely blessed and thankful to be a part of a mission-minded congregation overseen by qualified, God-fearing elders.  The Duluth congregation is graciously supporting us on this endeavor and our good friend and brother, Larry Sullivan, has contributed to the trip individually.  There are others also that have let me know that they will be contributing to this mission. We seek additional funds and will continue to raise support until the time that we leave in an effort to help the church in Tachileik to purchase a plot of land with a hut in which to worship (approx.. $12,000 U.S).   Every dollar raised, we pray, will be a blessing to the Lord’s church in Southeast Asia. So please consider donating toward the land purchase or toward the Burmese Bibles and song books that are needed by the church in Tachileik ($10 and $12 each respectively).

At this time we are mindful of the 239 souls from flight 370 that departed from Kuala Lumpur, the location of which remains a complete mystery at the time of this writing.  We are reminded that we never know what tomorrow may bring. Every day over 150,000 people leave this earth and many of them are lost.  It is our prayer that we will be able to help the churches in Southeast Asia reach more of the lost and bring them to the knowledge of the truth as we strive to be faithful servants in our Lord’s kingdom.

Kevin Graves