by Benjamin Bruce
JANUARY 15, 2013

Mission Trip to Mexico

Mountains in San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Hello! I'm Benjamin, the Internet & Mobile Services Coordinator here at Truth For The World. One thing I love about working here is that not only do we do specialized work to spread the Gospel (in my case, things pertaining to Internet and mobile media), we're also encouraged to teach the Gospel personally, and one of the ways we do this is through mission trips.

This wasn't the first time I'd been to Mexico; in fact, I've travelled there multiple times, and this was my fifth time to visit this particular area, a region in the state of San Luis Potosi called "The Huasteca." It's a beautiful place, with all kinds of flowers, butterflies, mountains, and tropical fruit. But the most beautiful thing is the hearts of the Christians there. For a week I travelled with a group of a few other Americans, visiting small congregations, bringing them various supplies, such as Bibles, songbooks, Bible class material, and reading glasses, and encouraging them to continue in the Lord's work.

The places we visited were quite remote; in fact, in many of them the native Nahuatl language is still spoken, and since I had been studying this language I was able to get to know the people on a deeper level than if I had only spoken to them in Spanish. One elderly brother I spoke to, the first convert in that particular village, clearly didn't have much in this life, but he expressed to me his happiness that he had the Word of God, and with that he was content! 

Besides encouraging and doing a bit of translating on this trip, I also got to do some preaching. We worshiped with every church we met with, and I gave one sermon in Nahuatl at one congregation, and another in Spanish in another place. The people were very attentive, and seemed to appreciate the messages. Also, although I can hardly take credit for it, after one of my sermons three young ladies came forward to be baptized. Apparently they had been studying, and decided to put on Christ that day. As we sang by the river and witnessed these three new births, it was very encouraging to us all. And it was also an example to the non-Christians who lived there and came to see what was happening.

I was very encouraged by what we were able to accomplish on this short mission trip, and I'm very grateful to Truth For The World for allowing me to go! Lord willing, I'll be able to make many more trips to Mexico, and God be thanked for what He has empowered us to do.