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Saved?! - A New Evangelism Tool

Truth For The World announces Saved?!, a new evangelism tool to teach the lost how to be saved.  Saved?! is an engaging, educational TV series made up of 7 episodes that can be watched individually or all together.

So, why is Truth For The World making yet another series of videos on how to be saved?  Don't we have enough videos of sermons, etc. on this topic?  The answer is twofold:

  • The brief, one-chance approach - If you can get someone to agree to watch a video about their soul's salvation, how much time will the lost person commit to?  If you're fortunate, they may be willing to take as much time as needed.  But, we realize that a lot of people may shy away from a long time commitment.  Other videos available, while teaching biblical truths, may take as much as 9 hours of viewing time to complete!  The Saved?! series was born out of the idea of trying to get someone that is lost tojust  agree to 30 minutes and to tell them what they need to hear in that time!  So, each of the Saved?! videos is less than 30 minutes and God's plan of salvation is relayed in each video.  Therefore, a lost soul can watch any one of the videos and learn what they need to learn in less than 30 minutes!  You can teach the lost what they need to hear in an engaging, educational way and even if you only get one chance of 30 minutes!  If they want to learn more, they can watch the rest of the videos or go to our website and learn more.  But, even if they are no longer interested, we have had the chance to tell them what they needed to hear and we have sown the seed for our Lord.  Remember, our job is not to convert the lost.  The word is the power of salvation (Romans 16:16)  Our job is simply to sow the seed.  Some will be interested, and some will not.  But, whether or not they respond, we need to be busy doing our job!
  • Communicating with visuals - The Saved?! series uses animations, videos, images, and graphics to illustrate the points of the lessons in the videos.  TV and videos are a medium of communication that has video and audio.  While that statement may seem to insult your intelligence, most videos that teach someone how to be saved mostly just utilize the audio portion of the video.  We can make videos in one day that have a person looking at the camera and telling people how to be saved.  While there is nothing wrong with doing that, we would only be using the audio portion of the video to communicate and teach.  Someone could literally "watch" the video blindfolded and get the same amount of information as someone looking at the video, except perhaps for the color of the tie the presenter was wearing.  The point is that the visuals can communicate and teach as well as the audio.  When we only use the audio portion of the video, we are "wasting," at least to some degree, the potential to communicate with visuals.  We do not want to discourage others who are teaching truth with videos that just have a "talking head," because they are still getting the word out there and sowing the seed.  Good work!  We also understand that others may not have the time, money, or skills that it takes to put together a video that communicates with lots of visuals.  A "talking head" video can be recorded in less than an hour and edited in 30 minutes.  A video that communicates visually may take weeks or months.  The Saved?! video series was in the works for about 2 years and represents thousands of dollars and numerous hours of work.  However, the payoff in reaching lost souls with the word would be worth every bit of time and money!  We hope that this series will be the "go-to" series for evangelizing the lost on how to be saved and will endure and work for years to come!

Other benefits of the Saved?! series include:

  • Lean-forward design - The videos are designed to be "lean-forward" videos to engage the audience and get them to think and participate, not just sit back and listen to a sermon.  You may have seen other "lean-forward" TV programs such as Brain Games, where the audience is invited to think and participate.  The Saved?! series asks questions and invites the audience to write down their answers.
  • Follow-along booklet - In order to give the audience somewhere to write down their answers, and to follow along with the video, a booklet is available to download from the website.  It can be printed, or there is an Interactive PDF version for people to follow along using their computer and fill in blanks and click buttons for answers.

Here are some ideas on how you can use the Saved?! evangelism tool to sow the seed for our Lord:

  • Share the URL - The videos are free to watch and the booklet is free to download at our easy-to-use URL:  Share the URL on social media, e-mail, printed business cards, church bulletins, signage, etc.
  • Purchase Copies - If you want to view the videos using a Blu-Ray disc and printed booklets, just contact us.  We already have some booklets and discs made.  You could use them in personal Bible studies, or perhaps in class settings.  Are you sure your congregation knows the steps to salvation thoroughly?  If not, watch this series!
  • Donate to Truth For The World - As mentioned before, these types of efforts take time and money.  We would like to be independently wealthy where we could just pay for everything out of our own pockets and donate it all for free, but we're not.  Efforts like this take time and money and we can't pull them out of thin air.  It takes money.  You can be a part of our seed-sowing by donating whatever you can.

Won't you help us sow the seed to the lost by joining us in our Saved?! effort?

Kendal Rasnake

Head of TV Production

Truth For The World

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