by Benjamin Bruce
DECEMBER 19, 2014

2014 Mission Trip to Mexico

All the brethren greet you. (1 Corinthians 16:20)

Any time you are with Christian family in Mexico, upon parting they always want you to carry home some greetings. "Benjamin, send our greetings to your mother and father, the rest of your family, the brothers at the place where you worship, and all the rest of the brothers." This act of sending greetings is very biblical, as can be seen in many New Testament passages, and while it's akin to saying "Say 'hi' to So-and-so for me," it's much more meaningful, letting the recipients know that they are in the thoughts and prayers of the greeters.

While I was in Mexico during the past couple of weeks, I received more greetings like these than I could keep track of! So, on behalf of the brothers in Mexico, greetings in Christ Jesus!

This was my tenth trip to Mexico, but it was unlike any other that I had been on before. I was going to be with a group as usual, but this time I flew down by myself 5 days early to have more time with the Christians there and more time to preach. I believe it was the longest I had ever gone without speaking English!

Once in Mexico, I traveled with brother Angel, who is the director of the preaching school in that region, and brother Nicolas, who is a preacher and also one of the instructors. They took me to some very remote areas (beyond the reach of even landline telephone service) where I got to preach and we encouraged the congregations there. We did lots of traveling on foot through some beautiful countryside, and the family that hosted us was very kind and hospitable.

I had prepared six lessons beforehand, and I was able to present all of them in various places, some even multiple times. The titles were: "Be Ready, Be on the Alert!", "The Blessing of Giving," "How to Study the Bible," "The Offering," "Who Is My Brother?", and "The Temple of God." All of these were topics that I thought would be particularly beneficial to the Christians in that part of Mexico, and I thought they were well received.

After being in Mexico since Monday, November 24th, finally on Saturday the rest of the group got there, three brothers in Christ from Texas. I was glad to see them, but it was quite a transition from living with the Mexicans for several days!

I traveled with them for several days, visiting different people and congregations, encouraging and bringing them Bibles, songbooks, reading glasses for those who needed them, and lollipops for the children. I got to preach a few more times, and helped out with translating for the monolingual members of our group.

The second half of the trip was good, but a little difficult. I was the youngest member of the group by far, and two of the team members can't get around very well any more, especially going up and down the ubiquitous hills. So there were several times on this trip where they couldn't go up or down to the church building, so the church had to come to them! But the local mountain-climbing Christians were very obliging, and their love for God and their brothers was very apparent.

There is much more I could tell, but space will not permit. I am just thankful for the prayers of all who were thinking about me while I was gone, and thankful to Truth For The World for allowing me to make trips like this. It was a blessing to me, and I hope it was a blessing to the Mexican Christians as well.

Christians worshiping in Mexico