by Benjamin Bruce
DECEMBER 30, 2013

2013 Mission Trip to Mexico

Mountains in San Luis Potosi, Mexico

So the churches were strengthened in the faith, and increased in number daily. (Acts 16:5)

During the first week of December, I was privileged to go to a place I had been several times before, a certain region of Mexico where there are many congregations of the Lord's church, served by native men who preach the gospel, many of whom graduated from the school of preaching in that same area.

It's no secret that the highways of Mexico are not the safest place to be, but our group had safe travels all the way, and at one of the police stops we were even met with a pleasant surprise. Upon learning what our cargo consisted of (mainly Bibles, songbooks, chairs, and other supplies for the churches) the state policeman interrogating us asked if we would give him a Bible. Of course we were happy to oblige, and we had a nice visit with the policemen there. Our prayers are with them that they will read the Bibles we left with them and learn God's truth.

The week we spent down there was quite intensive. The average day consisted of visiting two different congregations, and then going to the homes of certain preachers' families in the evening. We worshiped with the brethren at each place, brought them supplies, and they usually fed us a meal, despite our objections that we had just eaten at the previous place! I got to preach several times, and I also did a lot of translating for the members of the group who could not speak Spanish. I also was able to distribute some new Truth For The World tracts in Spanish to the congregations.

As always, it was encouraging to me to visit so many Christians in Mexico and see their efforts for the Lord. I visited with one young man about my age who is a relatively new Christian. His wife's family taught him the truth, and despite running with the wrong crowd in the past, now he's dedicating his life to serving Christ and being a good example to his family, particularly being a godly father to his baby daughter.

I believe this trip was a great success, and although we play only a small part in the Lord's work in Mexico, it is always an honor to be a servant of the Lord!

Preaching in Mexico