by Kendal Rasnake
OCTOBER 17, 2014

$75 for 7 Billion Souls Campaign

Recently someone toured the Truth For The World building and heard about the work we are doing for global evangelism.  At the end of the tour he told me, "I wish I could write you a check for a million dollars."  The thought wasn't too surprising because I have wished before myself that I could give lots of money to Truth For The World.  But a few minutes later, it hit me.  I thought to myself, "We don't really need a million dollars.  What we really need is for everyone to just give a little and that would take care of our financial needs."  Later on, I gave a presentation at his congregation and mentioned the story to everyone there.  I told him and everyone else that if everyone would just give what they could, Truth For The World wouldn't need the million dollar check.

You might think that you can't do a lot because you don't have loads of money.  But perhaps that is what everyone else is thinking and that's why more don't give.  They feel like the small amount they have to give won't really make a difference.  But the truth is, if everybody gave a little, that would add up to a whole lot.  It's sort of like the congregation with little-to-no children.  A family with children visits and decides not to stay but rather go to another congregation because the congregation has no children.  Then another family visits and does the same.  And then another does the same.  It turns out that if all the families who visited and left because there were no children had actually stayed, the congregation would have a bunch of children.  But nobody decided to be the first. 

Everyone has a little, and that's all we are asking for from the members of the Church of Christ.  Sure, if you want to donate a million dollars we will put it to work.  But we know most people, including us, don't have that.  But the truth is, we don't need a million dollars to be busy doing the Lords' work.  We just need for everyone to believe that their amount, whether big or small, can do good work, and that even if no one else has given, they are willing to be the first.  And if everyone gives a little, then we will have a lot to work with.

In a nutshell, Truth For The World is running an annual deficit and needs to increase the amount of annual income it receives in order to continue the current projects underway and grow the new projects and outreach that have been planned.  If this annual income is not reached, sections of Truth For The World, such as the Bible Correspondence Courses, will need to be shut down as the personnel who are working to keep them going will be let go.

Our estimated budget for 2015 will be about $177,000, most of which goes to pay the 3 full-time and 3-part time personnel that work on Truth For The World projects.  Our projected annual income will be about $35,000 below that.

Therefore, we are kicking off a "$75 for 7 billion souls" annual fund campaign.  If we can raise about $75,000 more in annual income, then we can continue and even grow our current outreach to 7 billion souls.  We are looking for 1,000 individuals or congregations to pledge to give $75 per year in order to make this happen.  That breaks down to $6.25 per month, or about the cost of two gourmet coffees.  I told you we weren't asking for a lot.

Breakdown of $75,000

The extra $75,000 per year in annual income will allow us to:

  1. Keep the current staff and services. – $35,000
  2. Add one more full-time staff member to share the workload and grow new projects such as more online Bible courses- $30,000
  3. Add global shortwave radio broadcasting to over 1 billion people - $10,000

It's important to keep Truth For The World going because we are not just hoping to do global evangelism, we are doing it every week!  We have people from around the world sign up for our Bible Correspondence Courses, watch our TV programs, listen to our radio station, download our mobile app, and read our material on our website.  And they do it every week! 

When you donate to Truth For The World you join us as a coworker in this global evangelism effort.  But besides global evangelism, we provide materials to aid individuals and congregations in their local evangelism.  Within about the last two months we have received 3 different calls from around the country asking us if they can use our radio programs on their local radio broadcasts and of course we said "Yes."

Whether local or global, Truth For The World is taking the seed of the word of God and spreading it around the world.  Why would you, as a Christian, not want to be a part of that?

Coffee Cups With Heart Foam and Words

Join us by making one $75 donation each year or $6.25 per month and we can not only continue what we are doing but do even more.  Will you give up two gourmet coffees a month to help spread the word of the Bible around the world?  The Master is worthy of our greatest efforts!

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