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What About Mormonism?

Is the Mormon Church really the restored church that God built and desires? What is the history of the Mormon Church’s beginnings? How do the books of Mormon compare with what God says in the Bible? What kind of things can I say to a Mormon if I have the opportunity?

Nathan Franson, previously a Mormon for 20 years, takes us behind-the-scenes of the Mormon Church and talks about its history, its practices, and its doctrines and compares them to what God says in the Bible. He also devotes an entire episode to giving us challenging questions to ask a Mormon.


Sometimes when you’re reading the Bible, you’ll come across a passage that is hard to understand. You may read it three or four times, and still not be entirely sure how it all goes together or what it means. Much of the Bible is written in straightforward, simple sentences, but for the rest of it, it is helpful to dig deeper into the grammar! Dan Cates is our expert for this series, and being an English and Greek teacher himself, he shows how we can better understand scripture through grammar.