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75 for 7

75 for 7 Fundraising Campaign

“I wish I could write you a check for a million dollars.” That's what one visitor to Truth For The World said recently, and that would be nice, wouldn't it? A million dollars is glamorous, and everyone wants to be a millionaire! However, as we look towards expanding our annual fund, we'd much rather have a lot of different people give just a little, instead of one person giving a lot. Which is good news, because chances are you don't have a million dollars, and most likely what you do have goes mainly towards paying bills and such. So if you believe in the mission of Truth For The World—taking the Gospel to all the nations—and want to make sure we can still carry out this mission in the future, why not join us in our 75 for 7 campaign?

Where You Come In

The concept is simple: there are roughly 7 billion souls currently living in this world, and if 1,000 people will give $75 a year, this will mean that Truth For The World will continue to be able to carry out the mission of saving those souls, and even be able to expand and do more than we're doing now.

If you break $75 down, that's $6.25 a month, which is less than your online movie subscription, the cost of a fast food meal, about the cost of two gourmet coffees... you get the picture. If you're willing to dedicate just that amount every month, you can help save souls around the world.

Act Now

If we reach our goals for 75 for 7, we'll be able to continue our work. If not, we may have to make some serious cuts. So won't you join those who have already contributed? Don't put it off! Click the donate button below to join us in teaching all nations.

Their souls are priceless. But you could help save them for $75.